Top 10 of 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!

2019 ended up being quite the memorable year for me in so many many ways, but rather than write about the entire year, here are my top 10 highlights:

10. I rode over 3,000 miles in 2019, which to some people isn’t that much, but it’s a PR for me.

All my rides are recorded and uploaded to

9. Rode the Klickatat Trail, disappointed there was no snow, but the weather was decent.

8. Rode the CZ Trail with some friends. This one had snow at the higher elevation! A great way to start rebuilding winter legs.

7. Took a very new and difficult way to Stub Stewart Campground and back

6. Bikepacking the Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer route in three days.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

5. Stayed at the Spoke’n Hostel in Mitchell Oregon. As part of the Central Oregon trip, we stayed an evening at the luxurious Spoke-n Hostel. Highly Recommended

4. Bought a Brompton Folding Bike, rode it around San Francisco.

3. Mountain biking in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Although the trail was beautiful, it was the first time I’ve been mountain biking outside of the United States.

2. Bikepacking around Mt Hood – with a crash and visit to the ER
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

…and the absolute best trip of 2019 that made all the headlines in the world:

  1. Bikepacking the Oregon Big Country Finding someone dying in the desert
    This trip was awesome for the first 6.5 days, then I found some guy on the brink of death. He’s fine now, I finished my trip the next day, it made the news…

Now that 2020 is here, I’ve started planning some big rides and restarted my training!

Get out there and ride! -Tomas

Notable Mentions:

My hands were pretty beat up in a crash, but now they have completely healed and rehabilitated.

My camera was destroyed in a crash, but now it’s fully fixed!

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