Who is out there?

Here’s a bunch of other riders that inspire me to get out and see the world, one pedal stroke at a time. Many of them have instagram accounts, youtube videos, and blogs to keep you abreast of their adventures, gear reviews, and amazing photography.

Tristan Ridley https://www.tristanridley.com/

Ione at http://www.bikewanderer.com/

Russ at http://www.pathlesspedaled.com/

Nicholas Gault at http://nicholasgault.com/

Alee Denham at Cycling About

Eric and Amaya at World Biking

Hokkaido Cycling Touring Routes

Rob Thomson http://www.14degrees.org/

Tom Allen https://tomsbiketrip.com/

Mark Watson https://www.highlux.co.nz/category/alaska-to-argentina/