Here’s a bunch of other riders that inspire me to get out and see the world, one pedal stroke at a time. Many of them have instagram accounts, youtube videos, and blogs to keep you abreast of their adventures, gear reviews, and amazing photography.

Alee Denham at Cycling About

Eric and Amaya at World Biking

Hokkaido Cycling Touring Routes

Ione at

Ken Kifer – The Blog that got me interested in cycle touring at large.

Mark Watson

Nicholas Gault at

Rob Thomson

Russ at

Tom Allen

Tristan Ridley

Organizations of Note:

Great Routes

2 Comments on “Inspiration”

  1. Hey Tomas can you download Ride with gps routes to the Etrex 20x. Way to go with being at the right place and time helping that guy in the desert. Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim, you can totally load routes from RidewithGPS, I’ve been doing it for years and years. Since the eTrex series doesn’t have any wifi nor bluetooth capability, you will have to plug in your device via USB then transfer the downloaded GPX file from RWGPS into the garmin/gpx folder. Then it will show up available for navigation. A few years ago, I even wrote an article about my recommended settings for the eTrex that is part of the RWPGS help system:

      Additionally, I use the setting “Track Up” while navigating so that I can just set the track and not worry about the actual cues since the eTrex speaker is really weak, and I can just ‘follow the purple line’ to get where ever I need to go.

      Have fun and stay safe out there!

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